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Stile Latino Andreina Double Breasted Jacket

The Andreina Double-Breasted Jacket by Stile Latino is made from a 52% linen, 46% cashmere, 2% elastan fabric (with a partial lining) in a washed denim color. Linen and cashmere are a wonderful blend, as the latter provides exceptional softness and substance while the former asserts lovely visual texture and a light, breezy spring attitude; the elastan needs only a small representation to make its presence felt, as it greatly enhances stretch and movement without affected the other fabrics' natural qualities. With its 6-2 button build, peak lapels, patch pockets, welted breast pocket, and double vented back, the Andreina has all the features of a typical double-breasted jacket, yet it was designed uniquely with buttoned or unbuttoned-wear in mind a subtle strap of fabric connects across the back vents to hold the jacket's shape while still allowing natural movement when worn open. The shoulders are unstructured, typical of Neapolitan style, yet the jacket's fitted midsection nonetheless registers a flattering hourglass shape equal parts angular-chic and gracefully feminine. Runs true to size with a trim fit.

  • 52% linen, 46% cashmere, 2% elastan; partially lined
  • 6 button roll to 2
  • Peak lapels, double vented back
  • Patch pockets, welted breast pocket

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