Stallion Suede Round Toe Zorro

$ 1,350.00

SKU: Stallion-F16-M02-Chocolate-9.5

In a master-class of design and construction, Stallion made this boot from a single piece of kid goat suede. This style of build is exceedingly rare and difficult to pull off—a testament to Stallion’s unmatched expertise. With no seams, it has an elegantly sleek appearance and fit, with a barely-visible side zipper (though the tassel adds a tad of flourish) allowing easy on-and-off. The suede has a nuanced texture, between fine and rough-out, that accentuates its rich chocolate color and adds a little depth to the otherwise sleek silhouette.

Stallion used one of their narrowest lasts for this boot, accentuating its high arch and elegant profile. The ankle enclosure fits snugly around the upper ankle to accommodate the narrow openings of slimmer-fit pants, then tapers out to a fuller mid-upper that won’t get swallowed by boot cut jeans. Those with flatter feet should note that this arch might not be an ideal fit.

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