Stallion Boots Mariposas Gallegos in Suede

$ 2,875.00

SKU: GRR-115-Espresso-7
We're head over heels in love with this fabulous 14.5 inch tall cowboy boot ,the Mariposa , for its masterful inlays of pink and white butterflies and flowers .It is a piece de resistance, a confection to the highest degree.The mariposas flutter along the length of the chocolate suede calf leather shaft of the boot, interspersed with smooth leather pink droplets of nectar. Whimsical butterflies alight on the toe and heel counters, and there are flowers presented at the bases of the pulls and scalloped collar. Motifs of soft pink and white butterflies, flowers,delicate moss green leaves make this boot a vision to behold, a thing of beauty forever.As with all of our boots, conceived together with Pedro Munoz's artful eye this unique boot is made by artisans with more than thirty years' experience out of El Paso, the boot capital of the world. Stallion boots have all leather components and steel shanks, handmade leather toe boxes handcrafted to specified type, and wooden pegs cut from the lemon tree tapped into the soles to allow for any weather induced expansion or contraction.All detailing is done by careful and loving hand.

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