Patrizio Soft Sport Coat In Brown

$ 2,495.00

SKU: AMC-F15-M03-Brown-50

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The Patrizio sport coat is part of Axel’s signature Milan Collection. It’s hard not to play favorites when a coat has all of our favorite features. Made with 100% cashmere—380grams—in a hopsack weave, the Patrizio has the perfect look and feel for a fall jacket (and every other season if you ask Axel Sr). The hopsack weave and 380gram weight create the impression of a heartier sport coat, but the cashmere’s natural lightness and the half-lined inside allow excellent breathability. Half-lining is a particularly impressive process: normally, minor stitching errors can be covered by full lining and nobody’s the wiser, but half-lining demands absolutely flawless stitchwork inside the jacket. The Patrizio in Brown features dark brown suede patches on the elbows and the back of the collar to protect from wear, which also adds a casual sophistication to the appearance.

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