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Mizana Opal & Tourmaline Heavenly Earrings

Mizana Opal and Tourmaline Heavenly Earrings

Delicate and dramatic, sophisticated and casual, timeless and original. Mizana means balance.

  • 18k gold setting, push & back, 14.689grams
  • 32.93ct opal & tourmaline

Where would life take you if you surrendered to it? That's the answer Jeni Lowry sought when, after a 20-year career in the Texas energy industry's 'boy's club,' she sold her business and went out on a walkabout. Passing through the Indian holy cities, she wandered into a jewelry shop that spoke to the heart of her passion. So does the name she chose for this next journey: Mizana Collections. In the Malagasy language, mizana means balance, signifying a collection that balances femininity and strength with unapologetic beauty.