Mandelli Antonito Shearling

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Mandelli’s Baby Lamb Shearling Coat is made in the classic Western “Shearling Coat” style, but boasts an almost impossibly soft and lightweight baby lamb’s wool rather than the standard shearling material taken from adult sheep. Mandelli left the inside of this coat clean to fully exhibit the material’s natural breathability, and the construction is completely hand-done. The coat has a tailored fit, clean front, and notched collar, giving it a dignified appearance fit for dressier looks as well as casual elegance. Perhaps the most notable feature is the unique pocket construction—the pockets are essentially self-enclosed pouches that hang snugly from a barely noticeable midsection seam inside the coat. This construction gives the advantage of a cleaner looking front (fewer seams), and it reduces bulky feel and appearance when the pockets are full.

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