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    Kiton Rocca Busambra Dress Shirt


    In the Rocca Busambra you'll find an incredibly lightweight shirt that is an excellent choice for summer. Since it is made from Royal Oxford cloth, it has some shine, softness and a bit of texture to it. It's a great fabric for traveling that needs no more than a touch of an iron to make smooth after spending time in your suitcase. With its fuchsia, blue and white stripes, it pairs great with a navy blazer.

    This shirt has all the signature features of the shirts Kiton makes exclusively for Axel's. For starters, everything from collar to tail is sewn by hand. Natural, mother-of-pearl buttons rest in buttonholes and are sewn on with three-prong, "chicken-foot" stitching. A French placket creates a smooth front that makes the shirt look like one piece of fabric. The spread collar is great for wearing with or without a tie. It can even be worn without a jacket, standing up so it frames the face nicely. Over the years, Axel's has developed a special relationship with Kiton, allowing us to bring you one-of-a-kind garments from these Italian master craftsmen.