Gimo's Santana Four-Button Suede Jacket

$ 1,100.00

SKU: GIMOS-S16-M03-Stone-L

The Santana jacket could be a one-off tutorial in leather jacket design, construction, and style. It’s made from a very fine goat suede, so soft and light that you may have to try it on to understand. The jacket is almost weightless, with a tailor-trim fit that feels like made-to-measure. Featherweight lining throughout makes it easy to pull over any material smoothly. Put it on, close your eyes, and you might forget that you’re wearing a jacket.

Its weight makes the Santana an ideal three-season jacket for the mountains, and it also works well as a winter jacket in warmer climes. A four-button build gives it great versatility of style too—you might consider wearing it with a dress shirt and tie or pocket square as a sport coat substitute, especially for casual-leaning events in cooler weather. The hip pockets are another nice touch of design versatility. They’re made with flaps that can function like regular flap pockets, covering the opening and creating a little visual complexity for a more casual look, and they also can tuck inside the pocket to resemble a welted pocket, creating a clean front like a sport coat. The fit is tailor-trim all around, and the double-vented backside follows the line of the back for an athletic profile. Runs small, so we recommend ordering one full size up.

  • Sport coat build
  • Double-vented back
  • Functional buttons on sleeves and interior pockets
  • Snap buttons on welted breast pocket and hip pockets
  • Reversible hip pockets

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