Gimo's Giovanni Jacket

$ 1,695.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M02-Blue-L

The Giovanni Jacket by Gimo’s is made from hand-washed and vintaged leather in a soft-toned steel blue color. Gimo’s craftsmen are some of the best in the world at producing authentically vintaged leathers, and their expertise is on full-display as this beautiful blue shade is deepened and nuanced with light and dark undertones. Rugged metal zippers at the front closure, sleeves, chest pockets, and side pockets lend a masculine aesthetic while also setting off the leather’s steely notes. A featherweight body-lining of 100% cotton enhances breathability without adding heft, making the Giovanni an excellent go-to outerwear piece for the changing seasons. Runs true to size with a trim fit.

  • Washed and hand-vintaged leather exterior
  • 100% cotton body lining; 100% polyester sleeve lining
  • Double-zipper front closure; two zippered side pockets
  • Two zippered chest pockets, two snap button chest pockets
  • Adjustable sleeves with zipper and snap buttons; snap button collar clasp
  • Interior pockets: large velcro pouch, small velcro pouch, and velcro glasses pouch

Please don’t hesitate to call with any sizing questions. 970-476-7625