Gianfranco Lotti Small Two Key Tote

$ 1,500.00

SKU: 70-1505-J6802-Black-O/S

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This hand crafted Gianfranco Lotti bag features a beautiful pebble grain leather with contrast white stitching. Two silver metal key hole closures can accommodate an extra scarf or travel book, just in case you find yourself at a cafe in Piazza San Marco one breezy morning. This keyhole, which is the symbol of the Gianfranco Lotti brand, was also an important emblem of the famous Medici family in Florence, symbolizing the hidden treasures of Florentine history and the city’s openness toward modernity. The handles, measuring 4.5” (11.5 cm) above the bag, can be worn comfortably around the forearm or around the shoulder, depending on the thickness of your sweater or coat. A leather clasp on the top of the handles elegantly holds them together. Inside the bag there is a centered zipper pocket, while the interior sides of the bag feature an easily accessible cell phone pocket, another zippered pocket, and a smaller business card pocket. Measuring approximately 12.5” (32 cm) long and 12” (30.5 cm) high from the base of the bag to the bottom of the handle. Width measures 5.5” (13 cm) at fullest. Handmade in Florence, Italy.

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