Finamore Sergio Pink Royal Oxford Dress Shirt

$ 325.00

SKU: Finamore-F15-M16-Pink-M
We ordered this Sergio pink royal oxford dress shirt with our exclusive cutaway collar, which sits a little taller and frames the face very nicely. One of the most traditional men’s shirts, the Oxford is a timelessly handsome and flattering look. We love the way it finds just the right balance—elegantly formal without trying too hard. As with all Finamore dress shirts, it is made with 7 steps of hand-stitching.

Hand-stitching in the ‘movement areas’ of the shirt (the collar, sleeves, and yoke, and sleeve plackets) creates natural elasticity that moves with the wearer and, after just a few hours, literally shapes to the owners form, allowing a simple but spectacular feeling of comfort and fit that machine-stitching cannot replicate. To us, this is the best kind of luxury: that which is enjoyed by the wearer.

Hand sewn buttons and holes make buttoning the shirt easier. Also look for the buttons’ 3-pronged stitches, a mark unique to Neapolitan craftsmanship, and the hand picked linen linings of the collar and cuffs, which add comfort and softness while reducing shrinkage. The fit is trim, but not slim. Made in Italy.

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