Finamore Maddalena Dress Shirt

$ 505.00

SKU: Finamore-S16-M24-Blue/White-M
This periwinkle-blue-and-white striped royal Oxford shirt has an incredible look and feel. Made of lightweight, 100% cotton, this shirt is both comfortable and stylish. Many of the details are simple, yet sophisticated: one button on the cuffs and mother-of-pearl buttons. The French placket provides a smooth, stitchless front that makes the shirt look like one solid piece of fabric. With the “Sergio” spread collar you can leave it unbuttoned for a more open look, or button it up to show off a tie. Either way, this is versatile, fashionable shirt for many occasions. .

Finamore is a third-generation, family-owned clothier based in Naples, Italy. Founded in 1925 by Carolina, who made shirts by hand in the Neapolitan tradition, Finamore is now known the world over for creating exquisite, handmade clothing. Axel’s has partnered with Finamore to bring you their latest iterations of the garment that started it all for them. We are proud to offer these expertly tailored shirts, bringing you the very best in Italian clothes.

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