Finamore Napoli


Cortina Cotton-Cashmere Shirt in Blue


The Cortina Cotton-Cashmere Shirt by Finamore is handmade from a luxuriant 85% cotton, 15% cashmere fabric over five steps, in the traditional Neapolitan technique. Featuring our exclusive spread collar, Naples' characteristic three-pronged "chicken foot" stitches at the buttons, and seven stages of hand-stitching in the crucial 'movement areas' of the shirt (collar, sleeves, yoke, and sleeve plackets), the shirt has a natural elasticity that moves with and shapes to the wearer's form after just a few hours�a shirt that is truly yours and yours alone. Fits true to size.

  • 85% cotton, 15% cashmere
  • Removable collar stays
  • Finamore accent gussets
  • Single button barrel cuffs

Please don't hesitate to call with any questions. 855-639-4557

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