Finamore Alagna Cotton-Linen Dress Shirt in Turquoise

$ 595.00

SKU: Finamore-S16-M39-Turquoise-L

The Alagna dress shirt in turquoise is made in an Oxford weave using 50% cotton, 50% linen. We consider it a dress shirt because of its stayed collar and crisp appearance—the Oxford weave gives it a subtle natural sheen—but it has several casual elements too, making it an ideal summer dress shirt. Cotton-linen fabric gives the Alagna terrific softness without predisposing it to wrinkles, and the Oxford weave (a slightly looser, more textured weave than the Pinpoint Oxford) gives it a more relaxed vibe. Like all of Finamore’s dress shirts, it’s made through 7 steps of hand-stitching. Trim fit, not slim. Made in Italy.

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