Edward Green Dover In Mocha Suede

$ 1,395.00

SKU: Dover-Mocha Suede-9.5
Edward Green started his eponymous company in 1890 and began making handcrafted shoes for the English gentleman. He soon developed a reputation for making the finest shoes available to buy, a reputation that prevails today. The Edward Green Dover is a Derby style shoe with open lace on the facing of the shoe befitting particularly well a foot with a high instep. The make of this shoe style calls for a hand-sewn apron and toe seam. This is accomplished through the ancient art of sewing with a pig's bristle, a painstaking process that takes years to perfect. The 606 last is slightly square with a roomy fit and is cut for a D width. Edward Green continuous to make each pair of shoes individually with traditional hand craftsmanship at their factory in Northampton, England, as they have done since 1890. Edward Green cedar Shoetrees are included.

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