Comstock Heritage Speakeasy

$ 4,750.00

SKU: CH-F16-U26
The Speakeasy buckle consists of raised sterling silver and 14k rose gold bars, dotted with 14k yellow gold accents at each cross bar, over a face of darkened sterling silver; the base is solid sterling silver. Heavy etching and oxidization on the silver bars, border, and face give this buckle a very understated look, so much so as to suggest perhaps a hint of mystery. Against such a dark background, the rose gold bars almost might be mistaken for bronze; only the yellow gold accents pull out enough color to invite a closer look. That sort of understatement, almost humorous in its extent, characterizes James Stegman’s style—he’s always said that he prefers to be underestimated (his workshop, for example, is located in an actual speakeasy).

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