Comstock Heritage Sutro Believe

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The Sutro Believe Buckle by Comstock Heritage features an arrangement of hand-carved 14k yellow gold and sterling silver letters, and an array of precious and semi-precious stones set in silver and gold bezels, including cognac diamonds, sapphires, topaz, amethyst, clinohumite, and a single black diamond. Engraved on the back, this simple message from the maker speaks volumes: Believe in the value of your mistakes. Every letter and stone used in this buckle is, in a sense, a mistake… or rather was a mistake. Rendered out of place by a change of mind, a design revision, etc., the pieces were ‘wrong’ only as a matter of perspective. It serves, perhaps, as a reminder: that every dead-end is a chance for a new path, that even mistakes offer fresh possibility—if only one believes in their value.

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