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Stallion Boots Cognac Nile Crocodile Majestic Boots


A classic cowboy boot done in an unusually colored, vintage finished Nile crocodile leather with matching calfskin shaft. The boot design is what we call "Majestic," typified by a scalloped wingtip and heel counter with double-layer crocodile leather for durability (and a little visual impact). Scalloped collar and pulls also finished with the same. Hand-done stitch pattern and double-row buckstitching along side seams. Hand-made by an individual craftsman. (Stallion produces only a few pairs of boots each day.) As it often happens with things made for a purpose and with genuine spirit, they also turned out very attractive.

  • All leather components & steel shanks
  • Handmade leather toe boxes
  • Lemonwood-pegged leather soles allow natural weather-induced expansion & contraction, and a very long life of comfortable wear

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