Clint Orms Haskell 1819

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This buckle has so many signature elements of Clint Orms. He is fond of making four-piece buckle sets out of sterling silver, and he also likes to decorate them with engraving so fine it is difficult to see all of the details, even up close. Here you will find both. In addition, Orms has chosen a clever way to incorporate an arrow into the design. The arrowhead is on the tip of the belt strap, and when tucked in the keepers contain parts of the shaft. Heading toward the buckle, the prong is also part of the shaft, with the fletching on the frame finishing off the design. Along the entire shaft are small, 1.5-millimeter sapphires, and the entire arrow is made of fourteen-karat gold. You will not find this combination of playfulness and artistry elsewhere. Fits all 1-inch belt straps.

Master silversmith Clint Orms works out of his shop deep in Texas Hill Country. At the age of twelve he started polishing belt buckles for his father's western clothing company. By thirteen he was hand-tooling custom leather belts, and by fifteen he was making his own belt buckles. Over the years he honed his craft until he eventually opened his own operation. Now Mr. Orms specializes in making unique belt buckles and other jewelry sought after by athletes, celebrities and former presidents. His dedication to his art means everything is done by hand, from the engraving to the soldering to the finest filigree. Known for their beauty and exquisite detail, Clint Orms's award-winning buckles are statement pieces that last for generations.

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