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    Axel's Cheyenne Shearling Coat in Ebony


    In order to make the perfect shearling, the first rule is not to tinker with what nature provides. The sheep is perfectly adapted to its climate, so we've simply chosen the best Spanish Merino sheepskin and inverted it so the wool is on the inside. That way the jacket provides the same warmth and breathability as the animal had, but with much more style and comfort for you. In keeping with this idea of minimalism, we've only added a few extra touches for a little bit more of what you want: zippered closure, pockets inside and out, attached placket and contrasting leather accents. Offering both warmth and style, this jacket is the perfect garment to fend off the cold in the mountains or in the city. Shown here in brown.,

    Though most of our clothing is sourced from designers and manufacturers in Europe, occasionally we offer garments made by us right here in the US.. The same care and effort we put in our searches goes into the clothes we make. As with anything you'll find in our store, our custom-made pieces give you superior style, comfort and fit.

    • Made in the US
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