Boglioli Umberto Pashmina K-Jacket

$ 3,695.00

SKU: Boglioli-F15-M10-Navy-50

The Boglioli Umberto Pashmina K-Jacket in Navy exemplifies all of the characteristics that make Boglioli sport coats some of our favorites. It’s made from 100% pashmina, one of the finest cashmeres to be found. Pashmina translates to “soft gold” in the language of Kashmir, where it originated in the 15th century. In a nice touch of rakishly unpretentious luxury, Boglioli used this fabric in an understated wide-herringbone navy. Unassuming from a distance, its subtle depth and natural silhouette reward those who pay attention to the little things.

  • totally unlined and unstructured
  • untailored sleeves
  • patch pockets
  • side vents with subtle vent straps
  • button-less sleeves enhance sleek silhouette

Built in a 3 button rolled to 2 model, the jacket runs true to size with a trim but not slim modern fit. For those unfamiliar with Boglioli’s sport coats, their unstructured design creates a natural fit and drape. Wearing one almost feels like wearing a sweater—comfort and style at their finest.