Artico Bigallo

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SKU: ARTICO-F14-L7-Mocha/Marrone-46

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Allow us to introduce the most luxurious shearling from northern Italy. Weighing less than 3 pounds, this incredibly lightweight sheepskin coat achieves both form and function; the clean, flattering lines are by no means compromised by the delightful warmth and comfort of the coat. The hood, when left down, forms an elegant shawl collar that reveals the rich mink colored fleece of the interior. Yet, when the snow begins to fall, this hood, trimmed in fur, becomes your sanctuary. It gracefully frames the face while never surrendering to the gusts of Artic winds. The cuffs, also bordered in fur, can be folded up to accommodate any arm length. Additional features include horn buttons and slanted pockets, which are cleverly positioned in the front of the coat so as not to interrupt its sleek appearance. Fits perfectly true to size. Made in Italy.

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