Axel's Rio Gere Twill

$ 360.00

SKU: Axels-GP-F15-M09-Wht-L

At Axel's we are proud to bring you the finest clothing from all over the world. While much of our collection comes from that home of sartorial excellence known as Italy, we still like to celebrate our Western roots. But since we also know many of our customers are world travelers, we want to make sure our clothes can be worn outside our mountain home in Vail.

The Rio Gere Twill is the perfect shirt to wear everywhere from a ranch to a cafe in Berlin. It has many of the trappings of a classic Western shirt, such as snaps in place of buttons on the placket and cuffs, a Western front and pleated sleeves. Yet there are also features unique to this shirt, such as a sunburst on each gusset, and a 100% cotton twill fabric. And unlike most Western shirts, the Rio Gere has a slim fit, creating a nice, tailored look. With this shirt you can amplify its "Westernness" by wearing a cowboy hat and jeans, or tone it down with a tailored, Italian jacket like those from Kiton. And of course, don't forget to try it with one of our unique belt buckles. Any way you choose to wear this shirt, you'll look great and make a statement.

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