Part of the Edward Green Country collection, the 6" Galway Boots in Dark Oak feature a supple calfskin vamp with a pebble-grain country calf upper, while the Rosewoods sport a pebble-grain country calf throughout. The double-thick sole is very comfortable for walking, and its Dainite rubber finishing provides great traction in any weather, with the added benefit of a simple studded tread that won’t track dirt and mud inside. For a subtle, appealing contrast to the Galway’s quietly rugged character, we requested for these boots to be made on Edward Green’s excellent 82 last. Subtly sleeker than the wider-than-average, occasionally ‘bulbous’ 202 last, the 82 last suggests a more elegant look. Its width is fairly standard, yet the 82’s graceful build creates a more understated silhouette without compromising the boot’s rugged appeal.

Continuing their pursuit of “excellence without compromise,” Edward Green is replacing its old wooden lasts (which were subject to warping over time) with new resin lasts that will provide a consistent shape and fit from one last to the next. We feel that shoes of this quality are worthy of proper care—not just because they can last decades when kept well, but also because they are made with the sort of care that deserves care in return. That is why Axel's is one of the few stores to include—at no additional charge—a set of Edward Green's beechwood shoetrees (valued at $145) with each and every pair of Edward Green shoes.