Guns and Roses i Jacket

The Guns & Roses Jacket


The Guns & Roses Jacket is made from a supple, vintaged lambskin leather. Cut, washed, and distressed by hand, it may be the softest, lightest leather jacket we have. The understated texture, rich coloration, and subtle design features (epaulets, chest pockets, and stretch-knitted sleeves) lend a balanced aesthetic of organic authenticity and stylish edge. The fit is trim but not slim, with just enough flow & movement for a chic, easygoing look whether worn open or closed. The length falls just below the hip, ensuring a flattering drape (unlike some short jackets that can look boxy when worn open). The sleeves are on the longer side—a characteristic touch of Italian designers—which subtly slims and lengthens the arms for an elegant, sophisticated silhouette. Runs true to size.

  • Genuine lambskin leather, hand-washed and distressed
  • Breathable mesh body lining
  • Stretch-knit underarm panel on sleeves; satin lining on leather portion

Please don’t hesitate to call with any sizing questions. 855-639-4557