Comstock Heritage Bart's Treasure

$ 7,500.00

Made from a thick slab of sterling silver (8 ounces), the Bart’s Treasure buckle is one of the heaviest pieces James Stegman has made to date. Thick bars of sterling silver and 14k gold add to the ...
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Comstock Heritage Sutro Skull

$ 5,250.00

SKU: CH-F15-U100
This is a buckle with some serious attitude. Links of a hand-engraved, sterling silver chain encircle the oval face. In the center is a skull wearing Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses over crossed bones, ...
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Comstock Heritage Tyson Log Cabin

$ 6,000.00

SKU: CH-S15-U54
In this belt buckle, the rustic log cabin is turned into something luxurious. The Tyson Log Cabin belt buckle is made with heavy sterling silver square wire. First the silver is engraved to look li...
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Comstock Heritage Speakeasy

$ 4,750.00

SKU: CH-F16-U26
The Speakeasy buckle consists of raised sterling silver and 14k rose gold bars, dotted with 14k yellow gold accents at each cross bar, over a face of darkened sterling silver; the base is solid ste...
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Comstock Heritage Borelly

$ 5,900.00

SKU: CH-F16-U011
Named for the Borelly Comet, a famously odd comet known for its lopsided, bowling pin shaped core—just the sort of thing that appeals to James’ appreciation of whimsy and wonder. The buckle’s face ...
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Comstock Heritage Sutro Diving Bell

$ 5,900.00

SKU: CH-F16-U16
The Sutro Diving Bell buckle is made on a darkened sterling silver base with a burnished sterling silver border in a pipe-pattern. It features a handmade antique diving bell motif constructed from ...
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Comstock Heritage Preston Brambles

$ 5,850.00

SKU: CH-S15-U59
Returning to nature for inspiration, the artists at Comstock Heritage have created the Preston Brambles. From heavy, fourteen-karat gold filigree, they have fashioned yellow, rose and green gold br...
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James Christian Managed Chaos

$ 22,500.00

SKU: CH-F2016-UTS1

Call to Order

The “Scrap Buckles” were some of James Stegman’s first truly experimental pieces, and he’s returned to the theme once again after several years. For him, the building process is as fun and freeing ...
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Rn Brow Watch Fab

$ 2,925.00

SKU: 12295
Comstock Heritage Watch Fab with Mammoth Flour Dis Le.& 1.5 inch sterling silver buckle with a Watch Fab overlay and a hand engraved Mammoth Ivory Flour Dis Le.
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Comstock Heritage Sutro Sticks and Raw Diamonds

$ 6,400.00

SKU: CH-S16-U52
Built upon a hand-wrought sterling silver base, three sliced raw diamonds set in fine silver bezels and three types of metal wires—14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, and sterling silver—sit within (an...
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Comstock Heritage Da Cross 14k

$ 6,750.00

SKU: 11599
This large belt buckle from Comstock Heritage features an ornate cross in the center, with gold, five-petaled flowers and leaves anchoring the corners. The cross itself is decorated with a ten-peta...
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Comstock Heritage Preston 52 Gold & Silver Sticks

$ 6,800.00

SKU: CH-S16-U46
This unique buckle, made on a hand-wrought sterling silver base, features a double border design which creates an unexpected but undeniable feeling of order and balance around the decidedly un-orde...
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Comstock Heritage Decarlo

$ 2,700.00

SKU: CH-S15-U09
Comstock Heritage Decarlo 1.5 inch sterling silver and gold custom trophy buckles with hand cut scrolls 14k red gold flower and 1 yellow diamond. Fits all 1.5 inch belt straps.
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Comstock Heritage Impala

$ 34,000.00

SKU: 23036

Call to Order

We don't know if the silversmiths of Comstock Heritage are fans of African wildlife, muscle cars, but with the Impala they've created a belt buckle that captures the spirit of both. Built with a st...
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Comstock Heritage Preston Celtic Tree of Life

$ 7,800.00

SKU: CH-S15-U04
Made by America's oldest western silversmith, Comstock Heritage, this 1.5" trophy buckle features a 14 karat gold raised Celtic Tree of Life set against an antiqued silver background. Around the tr...
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Comstock Heritage Sutro Continents

$ 4,200.00

SKU: CH320
Small oval buckle with hand cut green gold border, 14k NSEW, 14k red gold continents. Fits all 1.5 inch belt straps.
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Aspen Leaf w/Australian Boulder Opal

$ 5,100.00

SKU: CH396
Comstock Heritage Aspen Leaf w/Australian Boulder Opal leaf. Sterling silver and 14k gold Aspen leaves.
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Out of Stock

James Christian JC 1886 Bracelet

$ 13,000.00

SKU: CH-F14-U1

Call to Order

Comstock Heritage 1 inch Limited Edition Bracelet.
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Comstock Heritage Tyson Guitar

$ 4,900.00

SKU: CH-F13-U2
Comstock Heritage 1.5 inch sterling silver trophy buckle with sterling silver and gold overlay guitar. Fits all 1.5 inch belt straps.
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Comstock Heritage Gold Skull Money Clip

$ 1,500.00

SKU: CH-F15-U99
This money clip has a little more attitude. On top of the sterling silver, Comstock Heritage has placed a fourteen-karat gold skull and crossbones. As if that weren't enough, they've placed diamond...
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