Mandala Bag

Founded by Marco Campomaggi in 1986, Campomaggi has established itself as the premier name in vintage-styled handbags. The son of a sculptor, Marco inherited the artistic drive in his blood. He designed his first bags as a student, using saddle leather and metal fittings. These origins still inform Campomaggi’s style, as the bags’ detailing often nods to the robust character of leather tack. Campomaggi’s materials and production process are unique in the world of luxury handbags. First, Campomaggi is one of the only luxury brands to use cowhide leather. Whereas many shy away from cow leather’s rugged texture, Marco developed a special washing and dying process to soften the material while retaining its uniquely robust character, which are perfectly suited for Campomaggi’s vintage style. The result is an irreproducible vintage bag that will only soften over time while it gains character and vintage appeal.