Alberto Fasciani has a keen eye for reinterpreting historical styles in a modern design, and these Brogan Boots are a fine example. Originally developed in 16th century Scotland and Ireland for use as work boots in countryside bogs and moors, brogans (along with ‘brogues’, the word derives from the Old Irish for shoe: bróc) historically have been used as do-it-all work boots by farmers, longshoremen, doughboys, and civilians alike. With a fully hand-vintaged leather build (rubber shielding on the leather soles), Alberto Fasciani’s Brogan Boots preserve that authentic character in a modern silhouette. Italian size 40 fits like a US size 8.5/9; 42IT fits like 10/10.5US; 44IT fits like 11.5/12US.

July 10, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

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